A total of RM80,000 in medical expenses was raised for Nur Alisha Humaira Binti Muhammad Hafidz who suffers from Blue Baby Syndrome. Her father is very grateful to kind people for helping his daughter regardless of race or religion.

Nur Alisha Humaira is a 1-year-old baby girl with tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and pulmonary artery stenosis (PS). She plans to undergo heart surgery. All necessary medical expenses have been in place, and the funding will be stopped immediately.

The doctor recommended an operation as soon as possible, because her lips and fingers were blue. The doctor also hopes that the operation can be performed during prime time, otherwise her life will be in danger due to the lack of oxygen.

Her parents, Muhd Hafidz Bin Ghazali and Nur Ainina Binti Mahtar are grateful for the help from the kind-hearted public so that their daughter can grow up healthy and safe, and wish the operation will go smoothly.

Part 1:Fundraising