The baby girl has been transferred to the hospital for wound inflammation surgery, the surgery went well, and she is still in the ICU. We hope the baby girl will make it through the difficult period safely.

On October 4, Nur Atiya Humaira bt Abdullah, a 2-month-old baby girl from Teluk Kumbar, Penang, underwent heart repair surgery. On October 12, the baby girl was discharged from the hospital and returned to her home for a reunion. The wound became inflamed unexpectedly, and the baby girl's life was threatened for the second time.

The baby girl was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago due to persistent fever.

The required RM40,000 surgery fee was raised, and the baby girl underwent surgery to save her life.

The generous public's power saved the baby girl's life. The parents are grateful for the public donations and wish everyone safety and health.