Two-month-old Nur Dhia Zara happened some problems before the heart operation. Fortunately, the operation was successfully carried out on October 5 and was observed in the intensive care unit. After that, she was transferred to general ward and discharged on the 20th October.

The baby girl from Berapit, Bukit Mertajam, had repeated coughs and fevers, and needed blood transfusions due to insufficient blood. As a result, her oxygen content in her body dropped sharply and she suffered from asthma. The condition was not suitable for surgery. Also, the parents were tested positive COVID-19 result. The operation date was postponed again.

On October 5, the baby girl was finally sent to the operation room for heart repair surgery, and the operation went smoothly. During the observation period in the intensive care unit, the parents were also quarantined separately. When the baby girl was transferred to the general ward on October 11, the mother was still in quarantine. Therefore, the baby girl relied on the care and feeding by nurses.

On October 14, the mother had completed the quarantine period and was able to go to the hospital to take care of the child after the Covid-19 test was confirmed negative. With the care by the mother, the baby girl gradually recovered and was discharged from the hospital on October 20.

The baby girl who has been in the intensive care unit since birth, the mother was finally carry her baby for the first time.  She feels a lot of comfort and happiness because the baby can finally get rid of the breathing aid devices and breathe freely. The parents are very grateful for the assistance from the public to allow their child can return home to reunite.

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