The girl was able to grow up happily after she successfully changed the Pacemaker's battery. It was gratifying to see the sweet smile on her face.

Nurqisya Azzahra Bt Ahmad Afsan, a 5-year-old girl from Penang was suffered from congenital heart disease. A Pacemaker was implanted when she was born. The Pacemaker's battery has running out suddenly and this frightened her parents. This will cause sudden cardiac arrest at any time. She is out of danger due to the battery replacement surgery has been successfully completed.

Her heart's condition is good and operating normally when she went for a follow-up consultation. She now can grow up like other ordinary children.

With the donations and blessing from the kind-hearted people, now she can have a happy childhood and overcome difficulties. Her parents are grateful for the kind-hearted helps and wishing their child can grow up healthily.

Part 1:Fundraising

Part 2:Fundraising Completed