In conjunction with the 20th anniversary celebration, One Hope Charity distributed three-tier stainless steel thermal insulation tiffin carrier for the first time to the residents of PPR Desa Wawasan in Bukit Mertajam. In addition to promoting environmental protection awareness and reduce the use of disposable or single-use food packages, we hoped that the food distributed can help some 2,000 residents there, so that they could enjoy a hearty meal.

The original idea of One Hope Charity was to distribute lunch boxes to the residents of PPR Desa Wawasan so that they could have a complete meal. However, during the planning process, we hoped also to promote the environmental awareness through this event. Therefore, we came out with the concept of One Family One Tiffin Carrier.

One Hope Charity distributed 1,000 units of specially made three-tier stainless steel thermal insulation tiffin carrier in the hope that residents can make good use of it and bring it together when they want to get their takeaways. The thermal insulation function will also allow them to continue enjoying warm food at home.

At the same time, One Hope Charity also prepared 1,600 sets of food ranging from vegetarian, non-vegetarian to halal food for families from different race and religious backgrounds. We also ordered extra fresh white bread for the local residents to fill up their hunger.

The programme was successfully held on Sunday. In addition to thanking the volunteers for their collective planning and preparation, we would also like to thank all the well-wishers for your sponsors and support, which benefited nearly 2,000 local community.