One Hope Charity is setting up a vaccination centre in Auto City, Juru and will be officially operating starting from 26th July. Constructions and decorations are currently in progress and we hope that the vaccination centre can help to archive community immunity.

One Hope Charity hopes that the citizen in Seberang Tengah can get their vaccine faster and reaching community immunity and had decided to apply for setting up a vaccination centre in June. Approval is given by government on 14th July and the location of the vaccination centre is in Shop-In D Park, Auto City, Juru.

One Hope Charity's vaccination centre is the first NGO to set up in Malaysia which is operated by our own medical team and operation team. The vaccination centre will be operating for 7 days a week, from 9am till 5pm.

One Hope Charity is in the midst of setting up the vaccination centre. Vaccine storage, medical equipments, doctors, nurses, pharmacist, paramedics and volunteers are all covered by One Hope Charity.

This is an extremely tough task and it is a race against time. We will continue our effort as this is a task to help the general public to combat covid-19 in this tough period of time. We truly hope that everyone can stay safe.

Part 1: One Hope Charity's Vaccine Center Has Obtained Approval From The Government