All age group which includes spiritual person, young generation of all race had received their vaccine appointment and had came forward for their vaccine.

Chew Chen Yee (21): I have to return to China for my studies in September. Luckily I got my appointment today (14th) and receives Sinovac. My second dose is in 4th September. I can return to China for my studies after receiving vaccine.

Chiam Shu Yee (20): I registered for vaccine on MySejahtera for a long time. Today is finally my turn!.

Mashitah Binti Zainudin (34): I registered in 2nd March and had cancelled my appointment due to some reasons. Now it's finally my turn.

Siti Rahmah Binti haji Rashid (40): After waiting for 5 months, today is finally my turn. The SOP here is very good and each station's explanation is very clearn.

Madam Chong (50): The social distancing here is good. I'm not worried as it is safe to receive vaccine here.

Madam Goh (50): The volunteers helped us to complete all the documents required and we do not need to wait for a long time.

Part 1: One Hope Charity's Vaccine Center Has Obtained Approval From The Goverment

Part 2: Constructions and decorations in progress

Part 3: Today is the test run and Monday will be officially operating

Part 4: SOP for SOP for vaccination centre, please pay attention

Part 5: Using nano photocatalyst coating for disinfection to ensure the vaccination centre is safe

Part6: Bukit Tambun assemblyman Yang Berhormat Goh Choon Aik made a personal donation of RM5,000

Part7: Seberang Perai Tengah OCPD Asst Comm Shafee Abd Samad Visited PPV

Part 8: First day of operation

Part 9: Malaysia’s Covid-19 Immunization Task Force, CITF’s officer Visited PPV

Part 10: Second Day of Operation

Part 11: Bukit Tengah Assemblyman Donated RM5,000

Part 12: Hospital Directors visited PPV One Hope Charity

Part 13: Get Glowing Reviews

Part 14: Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow visited PPV One Hope Charity

Part 15: Volunteers: I - Daycare Centre Teacher & University Student

Part 16: Malay Couple Got The Same Day Of Vaccination Appointment

Part 17: Contributing Hand Sanitiser To Vaccine Receiver

Part 18: Welcoming Young Vaccine Receiver

Part 19: Business Owner Sponsored KFC To All Volunteers

Part 20: Bomba Sukarela Disinfect Vaccination Centre

Part 21: Vaccination Centre Are Spot-checked By Officers

Part 22: Public Gave Cakes As Complement