The PPV One Hope Charity has been in operation since July 26, where it started with the vaccination volume of 360 doses a day. Starting today, the daily doses has been increased to 720, of which 360 doses of Sinovac (first dose) and 360 doses of Pfizer vaccine (second dose).

PPV One Hope Charity strictly abides by the SOP especially on controlling the crowd. We do not allow too many people to gather, and only those with an appointment are allowed to enter the vaccination centre (special exception will be given based on situation). We also try to shorten the time that vaccine recipients stay in the vaccination centre, so that the risk of infection could be minimised.

After nearly a month of operation, PPV One Hope Charity gradually increased the daily vaccination dosage from 360 doses to 720 doses.

One Hope Charity urges the public to strictly abide by the SOP even if you are vaccinated.

Part 1: One Hope Charity's Vaccine Center Has Obtained Approval From The Goverment

Part 2: Constructions and decorations in progress

Part 3: Today is the test run and Monday will be officially operating

Part 4: SOP for SOP for vaccination centre, please pay attention

Part 5: Using nano photocatalyst coating for disinfection to ensure the vaccination centre is safe

Part6: Bukit Tambun assemblyman Yang Berhormat Goh Choon Aik made a personal donation of RM5,000

Part7: Seberang Perai Tengah OCPD Asst Comm Shafee Abd Samad Visited PPV

Part 8: First day of operation

Part 9: Malaysia’s Covid-19 Immunization Task Force, CITF’s officer Visited PPV

Part 10: Second Day of Operation

Part 11: Bukit Tengah Assemblyman Donated RM5,000

Part 12: Hospital Directors visited PPV One Hope Charity

Part 13: Get Glowing Reviews

Part 14: Penang Chief Minister YAB Chow Kon Yeow visited PPV One Hope Charity

Part 15: Volunteers: I - Daycare Centre Teacher & University Student

Part 16: Malay Couple Got The Same Day Of Vaccination Appointment

Part 17: Contributing Hand Sanitiser To Vaccine Receiver

Part 18: Welcoming Young Vaccine Receiver

Part 19: Business Owner Sponsored KFC To All Volunteers

Part 20: Bomba Sukarela Disinfect Vaccination Centre

Part 21: Vaccination Centre Are Spot-checked By Officers

Part 22: Public Gave Cakes As Complement

Part 23: All Age Group Received MySejahtera Appointment

Part 24: Generous Businessman & Individuals Sent Over Drinks To PPV

Part 25: Successfully Received Second Dose

Part 26: Best Birthday Gift! Received Vaccination On Her Birthday