One Hope Charity's vaccination centre obtained sponsorship from a kind organisation to provide nano coating service to create a microbial free zone.

The organisation is the manufacturer of photocatalyst nano coating service and had dispatch their team to provide long lasting coating service in each station, corners and washrooms.

The team had coating the doorknob, chairs, photograph booth and every corner to reduce the chances of infection.

One Hope Charity thank the generous contribution to help protect the public who come for vaccine.

This coating is a protection layer but SOP is still important to break the chain of infection. One Hope Charity urges the public to obey the SOP so that everyone will be safe.

Part 1: One Hope Charity's Vaccine Center Has Obtained Approval From The Goverment

Part 2:Constructions and decorations in progress

Part 3:Today is the test run and Monday will be officially operating

Part 4:SOP for SOP for vaccination centre, please pay attention