After learning that the establishment of the One Hope Charity Vaccination Centre has been approved, Bukit Tambun assemblyman YB Goh Choon Aik has made a personal donation of RM5,000 to support the establishment of the vaccination centre.

On July 24, a symbolic donation handing over ceremony was held where YB Goh Choon Aik handed over the donation to One Hope Charity & Welfare chairman Chua Sui Hau. The chairman also thanked YB Goh Choon Aik for his donation.

YB Goh Choon Aik said that he summited three proposed venues in South Seberang Prai to the relevant authorities to serve as the vaccination centres on June 7, where the school hall of SJKC Keng Koon in Bukit Tambun was found out to be the most suitable venue that could fulfill government’s guidelines.

In the process of application, he also tried his best to fulfill all the requirements and guidelines requested by the authorities, but his application was rejected only because he could not agree to bear the electricity bills for the hall and the subsidies for the volunteers. After listening to the explanations from the Chief Minister and the South Seberang Prai Health Department director, he agreed to accept the proposal of having a mobile vaccination centre. Starting from August 15, the school hall of SJKC Keng Koon will be used to help the neighbouring senior citizens, single mother and physically disabled individuals to carry out their vaccination procedures.

“During the application process, I got to know that One Hope Charity was also applying to set up its vaccination centre at Juru Auto City, and I was told that it was the first vaccination centre undertaken by a non-governmental organisation, where the NGO will be taking charge of the vaccination processes and the expenses. I was very surprised! When I learnt that approval has been given to One Hope Charity on July 16, I contacted Mr Chua Sui Hao on the next day to understand more about the estimated expenditures, and I made a personal donation of RM5,000 via bank transfer to One Hope Charity. I would like to urge the government to approve allocations, and well-wishers to donate generously to ease the burden of One Hope Charity, so that they could extend the daily vaccination hours to speed up and complete the vaccination plan as soon as possible,” he said.

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