Good News, One Hope Charity & Welfare receives tax exemption for donors from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia, agency under the Ministry of Finance.

One Hope Charity & Welfare’s Chairman, Dato’ Chua Sui Hau announced today that from 1st October onwards, donors who donates RM50 and above to One Hope Charity’s funds will be given tax exemptions. Information of donors provided must be in full (English Name, IC number or passport number, address, contact and email) to obtain tax exemptions receipt. The tax exemption receipts can be used for personal or company tax filling purpose to obtain tax reduction.

He said that after receiving the tax exemption status, all the donations from the generous donors will be given tax exemption if donors fulfill the conditions as stated.

“Receiving the tax exemption from Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDNM) is a new milestone for One Hope Charity. This is also good news for donors who supported our journey in charity. I would like to extend my appreciation towards all donors who accompanied us throughout our journey in charity”.

Dato’ Chua Sui Hau announced the news during a press conference in the morning in One Hope Charity’s service centre.

He said that One Hope Charity had made their applications with all the relevant documents 3 years ago. After checking by LHDNM, One Hope Charity received an official letter stating that the application had been approved in March this year.

Dato’ Chua shared that he went to Putrajaya to take the documents of approval to understand further about the process of tax exemption.

Dato’ Chua stated that after receiving the approval, One Hope Charity had worked hard to understand the process and planned for the implementation. Due to MCO, the planning was affected and delayed in the implementation. After a series of planning, One Hope Charity officially announced the good news.

He said that One Hope Charity receives tax exemption status under Act 1967, Section 44(6). It is stated that taxpayer who performed donations for charity & welfare will be given tax relief by using the tax exemption receipts provided.

He added that according to the guidelines provided, donors are required to provide details such as IC number, full name, address, contact number etc.

He encourages donors to perform donations through One Hope Charity’s official website & mobile app. Details required are compulsory and the official receipts will be provided immediately after donations. The tax exemption receipts will be mailed to the registered address of donors. Hence, accurate details must be provided to avoid errors. One Hope Charity will not make any amendments.

“No matter if you are donating online or offline, a temporary tax exemption receipts will be given. After checking, the official receipts will be mailed to the registered address within 60 days.

Since One Hope Charity & Welfare’s establishment in 2002, One Hope Charity had been initiating multiple charity assistance funds. From only medical assistance fund, One Hope Charity had now initiated more than 10 charity funds. Recently, to assist and to provide the community with free vaccination service, One Hope Charity participated in the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK) program and set up opened a vaccination centre in July at Juru Auto City to help our country in achieving herd immunity.