He was diagnosed with heart infection while waiting for a kidney transplant. His top priority is to undergo antibiotic treatment for his heart. The shortfall of RM47,000 medical fee he needed had been raised, hence the fundraising will be stopped immediately.

It was very unlucky for 51-year-old Oveen A/L Edward Vathamoney. He was diagnosed with kidney failure several years ago, and he was supposed to undergo a kidney transplant in 2020. However, the surgery was delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

While waiting for the hospital to notify him on his kidney transplantation surgery, he was found to have heart infection. He needs to undergo antibiotic treatment first to avoid heart failure.

His antibiotic treatment is in progress and it showed positive signs. He hopes that after the completion of his antibiotic treatment, he can undergo the kidney transplant as soon as possible.

One Hope Charity had made an announcement to raise fund for him earlier. Many donors and well-wishers came forward to help, and the fund was successfully collected in a short period. Oveen and his wife Poovaneswary are relief as they do not need to worry too much about the medical fee anymore, and Oveen can continue with his treatments in the hospital. The couple is very grateful to all well-wishers that helped them to overcome this critical period.

Part 1:Fundraising