After working hard for most of her life, a mother thought that she would be able to enjoy her life. However, a ruptured brain aneurysm had resulted in her undergoing three surgeries and hospitalisation for a month. Her children are worried and hoping that the public could help them with the shortfall of her medical fee, amounting to RM68,000

A mother who devoted most of her life to the family was in the ICU due to a stroke for a month. The incident caused a huge amount of medical expenses. The remaining balance of RM68,000 medical fee has been enough raised. One Hope Charity will stop the fundraising campaign immediately. The family would like to thank all the generous people.  Tan Ah Nya’s situation has stabilized, and she has been transferred to the general ward a few days ago.

On 16 June 2021, 65-year-old Tan Ah Nya from Penang Island had a severe headache. The doctor diagnosed she had a brain hemorrhage and ruptured brain aneurysm and performed an emergency surgery on that night to save her life.

Since 16 June, Tan Ah Nya has undergone three brain surgeries and she has been treated in the ICU since then. Her medical fee has hiked to about RM170,000, of which RM40,000 will be paid by insurance, and her children could only raise RM70,000. They could no longer able to bear the remaining amount. Therefore, they seek help from One Hope Charity.

One Hope Charity received many donations after launching of fundraising campaign. Tan Ah Nya’s family was very touched by the enthusiastic donations. They think that everyone is still willing to help them at this difficult time and they are infinitely grateful.

Part 1:Fundraising