Huang Jing has successfully completed her bone marrow transplantation. After a period of observation, her blood now has 100% of the blood donor’s cells, which means that the has a very high chance of recovery.

Huang Jing gone through her bone marrow transplant operation on April 15, and everything went well. After about two weeks of observation, the hospital brought her some good news. She was allowed to be discharged on May 3 and will be on a three-month observation before getting further assessments.

During her hospitalisation period, One Hope Charity had specially arranged a caretaker to take care of her needs as her husband was not allowed to enter the women’s ward, and she also needed someone to help her in communication, to take care of her diets and to run some errands.

Huang Jing was very strong. Even though she had to suffer from all kinds of pains, nausea, vomiting, fever, bacterial infection, chemotherapy and other discomfort to his body, but she overcame everything with a strong spirit and made everyone proud of her.

Huang Jing sent in her request for help to One Hope Charity in August 2020, but suitable bone marrow had not been found at that time, and there were a lot of uncertainties then; her health condition was unstable too. We have been staying by her side always and accompanied her to go through the bone marrow matching processes at various countries. There were bad news and good news; she was in crisis, and was once went into critical condition, but we were always there for her.

She has survived for now, and she knows that all the donors are her best supporters. Therefore, she would face all the life challenges strongly.

Her wish is to get married and have her own child. And now, she is married and looking forward to having a child with her beloved husband. We wish her all the best.

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