It is a good news! The palm-sized premature baby (670-gram) Eloise Ang Xuan Rui who was born in Singapore, now has returned to Malaysia in a healthy and safe manner. The Malaysian family was excited to welcome this baby return to homeland.

In February 2021, Eloise Ang, who was born prematurely in Singapore with only 24 weeks old. Her parents, Ang Theam Seah (32) and Koh Pei Ying (29), were unwilling to give up this little life. Then, the family in Malaysia seek assistance from One Hope Charity. At that time, Eloise Ang needed to be observed and stay in the incubator until her expected delivery date, therefore she needed a huge amount of medical expenses.

Looking at her who was born with only 660 grams, her body is full of tubes. This case makes a sensation throughout the Malaysia and Singapore, also attracts enthusiastic people from around the world to give a help for her. One Hope Charity launched a fundraising campaign on February 28 to raise RM1.2 million for medical expenses, and it was fully funded in just 29 hours.

On July 8, One Hope Charity received good news from the doctor that the baby was allowed to discharge from the hospital. Today, Chua Sui Hau, the Chairman of the One Hope Charity, release a statement to announce that this lovely Eloise Ang has returned to her home in Kedah, Malaysia, in a healthy, safe and smooth manner. At the same time, we would like to thank benevolent people from Malaysia, Singapore, and all over the world for their donations and encouragement.

【Was discharged on July 8, parents take good care of her】

Eloise Ang Xuan Rui was born on 22 February 2021 in Singapore. She was only 670 grams at birth, her body size was like size of an adult's palm, and her skin was redness. Her organs were not fully developed, and she needed to stay in the incubator until full term. She required to be observed at all times.

Eloise’s milk intake was gradually increased while she in the incubator, and her small body gradually grew. All the her developments were very optimistic. After living in the incubator for 136 days, parents brought Eloise Ang back to the renter house in Singapore on July 8.

The first time parent must also carry the big responsibility of caring for Eloise Ang. Before that, Eloise Ang was taken care of by the hospital. Therefore, the first time parent have no "practical experience" on take care the baby. After returning home, it is the beginning of their journey.

It is not easy to take care of a baby. What's more, Eloise Ang still must be intubated. Although the father and mother were a little rushed at the beginning, because of their love for the child, they passed one challenge after another.

【After discharge from the hospital, discuss with One Hope Charity to arrange for back to Malaysia】

After Eloise Ang was discharged from the hospital, the parent immediately arranging her return to Malaysia. The first thing was to apply a Malaysian passport. In addition, due to Eloise Ang still needs carry breathing aids, the parents must arrange an ambulance that can across Singapore and Malaysia to bring her return to homeland.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Eloise Ang and her mother Koh Pei Ying also had to do a PCR test before return to Malaysia. They were allowed to go home after the result was negative.

【The most anticipated day of returning home, September 17】

On September 17, the family in Sungai Petani, Kedah look forward the baby return to homeland is finally arrived.

The father, Ang Theam Seah sent the mother and daughter to the Singapore checkpoint. After completing the assessment, the ambulance took the mother and daughter straight from the checkpoint to Sungai Petani, Kedah.

According to the mother Koh Pei Ying, Eloise Ang was also very cooperative along the way from Singapore to Sungai Petani. She did not cry or make noise, and seemed to know that she would return to Sungai Petani’s hometown.

After 8 hours of journey, Eloise Ang and her mother finally arrived at Sungai Petani’s home. The family was very excited, because Eloise Ang return to home for the first time in more than 200 days since she was born. The grandmother was screamed with excitement because she finally met the granddaughter for very first time.

Eloise Ang and her mother required to be quarantine at home, while her father Ang Theam Seah will continue to work in Singapore

【Eloise and the chairman and the team "meet" for the first time】

A few days after Eloise Ang returned to hometown, she slowly adapted to the environment in Sungai Petani.  Her milk intake gradually increased and the current weight is about 6.56 kg. We conducted a video conference with the family and Eloise Ang while she was awake. Eloise Ang was curious when she heard someone call her name, would always look around for the source of the sound. She smiles was really cute.

The mother Koh Pei Ying said that after completed the quarantine, they will take Eloise Ang to the hospital to continue various examinations. The doctor in Singapore also wrote down her previous condition in advance so that they can proceed follow-up checking in Malaysia.

【Chairman: We will arrange follow-up at local hospital】

‘From the day we started to handle Eloise Ang's case in February this year, we will not only keep in close contact with her parents in Singapore and Sungai Petani’s family, but also followed up with Singapore Hospital for her development progress and medical expenses’ stated by Chua Sui Hau, Chairman of One Hope Charity.

He said that when he knew that the mother was going to bring Eloise Ang return to Malaysia, the organization committees were very happy and looking forward to it. The parents over there arranged customs clearance in Singapore. One Hope Charity arrange for ambulance services to carry the mother and daughter from the Malaysia custom to the Sungai Petani.

He also stated that, ‘Now she is back in Malaysia, One Hope Charity will continue to follow up on her condition, and will arrange her regular check-ups in the local hospital, including checking her hernia, eyes, heart and extra. We will accompany her to grow up together.’

He disclosed that he met Eloise Ang via video conference yesterday (September 20). He was indeed very happy and relieved because the baby had only a palm size at the beginning, but now she is a 6-month-old cute baby girl.

"Eloise Ang is very blessed and happy. She has not only the love of her parents, but also the love of her family, as well as the love of people from all over the world. We would like to thank all the kind people who blessed Eloise Ang. From the beginning, she was a palm size baby. Now able to return to homeland from Singapore to Sungai Petani, Eloise Ang has created miracles of her life from time to time again."