The newborn Pui En Lin has been treated and observed in the intensive care incubator for nearly 2 weeks. Her condition has gradually improved, and the number of tubes connected to various medical equipment has gradually decreased.

The doctor told that as long as the baby has a reflex action of sucking, even if it is a good sign, believe that she can be transferred to the general ward after a few days of observation.

Pui En Lin, a baby girl from Ipoh, is currently in the intensive care unit. Her mother unfortunately suffered a blood loss during childbirth, but after undergoing an operation, she recovered and was discharged from the hospital to return home for rehabilitation.

Dad was helpless when faced with the sudden situation of his wife and children at first, and even collapsed in the face of huge medical expenses.

Fortunately, with the donations of kindhearted people, the RM70,000 for the baby girl's medical expenses has been fully raised. The parents are very grateful to the public for their donations and blessings.

Part 1:Fundraising