The baby was born prematurely in poor conditions. The parents panicked and worried about their son. Now that the needed RM80,000 surgery fee has been raised, the parents can finally disburden and hope that the baby can pass thru the difficulties.

Dad Raymond Sim said that although baby Quintton Sim cannot breathe on his own, cannot swallow, and the eyes and mouth cannot be completely closed, no cause can be detected, but the parents find that the child's condition is getting better. Baby Quintton currently weighs 3.16 kg, they will stay optimistic and believe that their baby can grow up healthy and safe.

He also said that his wife was self-blamed due to she did not take good care of the fetus during pregnancy, causing the child to face all kinds of hardships at birth. They named their child Song Bo(pine tree), hoping that he could grow up safe and strong like a pine tree.

"The doctor allowed us to enter the ward to learn how to take care of the child, including learning to clean the tracheostomy tube, breastfeed, placing breathing aids, and first aid, etc. We have been well-prepared for the baby to be discharged. My wife is extremely happy that she can take care Quintton by her own hand, instead of just watching the baby through the incubator."

The couple is very grateful for the assistance of the generous public, and he also choked up and expressed that he was very moved. Although taking care of the little baby in the future will be another challenge, the couple will promise to face it bravely.

Part 1:Fundraising