Rainee Chin, a 4-year-old girl, will have binaural cochlear implantation surgery on February 14th. One month after the surgery, she should be able to start the aid and then go through a series of speech therapy sessions in the hopes of breaking free from the silent world.

In October of last year, Rainee Chin from Alor Setar, Kedah, began wearing hearing aids. She had been clinging to her mother and was extremely insecure prior to wearing hearing aids. She can stay alone in the living room for half an hour after wearing the hearing aid, allowing her mother to work in the kitchen.

Rainee Chin can only say "Dad" at the moment and communicates with her parents through body language. She is expected to start kindergarten when she is five years old. The parents hope that the child can have surgery as soon as possible and that the child can learn to speak within a year.

The parents are grateful for the public's help in raising the RM155,000 cochlear implant fee, so that the child can learn to speak and escape the fate of deafness.