“She is our first-born. We look forward to her home coming and our reunion. We also look forward to hearing her laugh.”

Raisya Zameena Binti Abdul Rashid was diagnosed with severe heart disease 18 days after she was born. She was rushed to the intensive care unit immediately, and she has been relying on assistive devices to survive since then.

She must undergo a surgery before six weeks old, and now, she is more than four weeks old. The surgery is scheduled on December 8 and the remaining RM50,000 surgical fee she needed had been successfully raised, hence, the fundraising will be stopped with immediate effect.

The baby girl was normal throughout the mother’s pregnancy until birth, but she was diagnosed with heart defects when she was 18 days old. The parents could not accept the fact at first, and they were distraught when they saw their newborn suffering.

However, they were slightly relieved when they learned that their baby girl’s surgical fee had been successfully raised as this enabled their daughter to undergo the life-saving surgery during the golden window. They sincerely thanked all the well-wishers who offered help to their family.

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