"Thank you, everyone, we will never forget that with your assistance, my daughter will be able to grow up healthy."

On November 4, 2021, Raisya Zameena Binti Abdul Rashid, a baby girl from Baling, Kedah, was born. She was diagnosed with a minor heart defect at the age of 18 days and required surgery before the age of six weeks. Her parents could only afford RM50,000 in medical bills at the time and RM60,000 is still in short supply.

The RM60,000 medical bill shortfall was resolved thanks to the generosity of the public and ONE HOPE CHARITY. She had the first stage of surgery on December 21, last year. During her observation in the ICU, she suffered a medical emergency. On January 5 this year, she underwent another operation to implant a pacemaker.

The baby girl with big eyes and a chubby little face is now 7 months old, and her parents brought her to our service centre to thank us with a handcrafted thank you card.

The father, Abdul Rashid Bin Abd Latif (31), and mother, Zuraikha Azrin Binti Azmi (28), are grateful to the generous public for giving their child a second chance at life.