The sky-high price of RM9,139,625 Zolgensma gene therapy has been successfully delivered to the University of Malaya Hospital. Baby Reese is expected to receive the one-off gene therapy treatment next week.

Everyone is looking forward to it. Baby Reese, who suffers from a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), is expected to be admitted to the University of Malaya Hospital for treatment next week. Please continue to cheer for her!

On the 16th January 2023, Baby Reese has completed a various tests as preparation steps for the treatment in the hospital, including blood tests for antibodies, respiratory and motor skills assessment. Influenza and Synagis vaccinations have been done on the same day.

On the 20th January 2023, just two days before the Chinese New Year, ONE HOPE CHARITY & Welfare has also successfully remitted payment to the pharmaceutical company.

One Hope Charity launched the fundraising campaign for Baby Reese on 13th December 2022. At that time, Zolgensma was equivalent to approximately of RM9 million in Malaysian Ringgit; due the foreign exchange loss (Currency Exchange Lost), it has exceeded RM139,625, so the total amount transferred to the pharmaceutical company was at RM9,139,625.

Zolgensma approved by FDA in 2019 is a latest breakthrough treatment for SMA and the cost of the treatment is astronomical. Therefore, we are highly caution in the procurement, remittance, delivery process, etc. With the cooperation from so many parties, the drug has been smoothly and safely delivered to University of Malaya Hospital.

Diseases are rare, but love is not. During this period, we have received many calls, private messages, emails, etc., concerning about the progress of Baby Reese. The love and support that everyone has for Baby Reese are just beyond words. Everyone loves this little cutie very much.

Baby Reese is ready for treatment, everyone is welcome to leave a message to support Reese, and you are also welcome to tag your relatives and friends, and send your blessings to Baby Reese.