Just right before the Chinese New Year, we are here to bring the good news to everyone!

The processes are all in place. One Hope Charity & Welfare has transferred RM9,139,625 to the Pharmaceutical company today (20th January 2023). It is expected that Baby Reese will be able to receive Zolgensma treatment before March 2023.

One Hope Charity & Welfare launched the fund-raising campaign for Baby Reese on 13th December 2022. The drug was estimated at about RM9,000,000 and due to the currency exchange rate difference, it has exceeded RM139,625. Therefore, total amount remitted today is RM9,139,625.00.

As for the additional amount of RM139,625.00 and due to the time restrictions, this amount will be transferred from our “Emergency Medical Reserve” to make up to the total amount remitted today. We did not launch another fundraising campaign to raise this additional amount as we do not want to delay the treatment time for Baby Reese because we know it is time we are chasing against with.

Baby Reese needs to be treated before she turns 2 year old and she is now at 18months old. It is one of the most fortunate thing that this life-saving treatment received everyone's active participation and with this participation we managed to successfully raised RM9 million in 7 days and 22 hours.

We are now moving towards the final stage and Baby Reese had already gone to the hospital for various tests as part of the preparation before treatment which is expected to be before March 2023.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the donors. Besides, One Hope Charity would also like to sincerely thanks to University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health and other relevant departments for their high attention and cooperation in the whole process. This can only go smooth with everyone's effort.

Baby Reese is ready, everyone is welcome to leave a message to support Reese, and you are also welcome to tag relatives and friends, together in this Chinese New Year Festival sending our blessings to Reese.

One Hope Charity will follow up closely on Baby Reese's progress and welcome public to follow our website: www.onehopecharity.org or the official Facebook: One Hope Charity for the latest news.

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