A woman with intellectual disability has always been taken care by her aunt. However, her aunt, who is in her 60s, is getting older and suffering from a stroke, and she is unable to take care of her anymore. In order to let her have a better place to live, One Hope Charity stepped in to assist. Under the arrangement of One Hope Charity, she is now moved to a nursing home to continue living.

Although she has intellectual disability, 47-year-old Chinese woman Yeoh Yang Seok loves learning. She went through self-learning and a lot of practicing, and now, she writes good handwriting. When she moved to the nursing home, she did not forget to bring her exercise book so that she can continue to practice her handwriting.

Yang Seok from Sungai Petani was abandoned by her mother after she was born. She has been taken care by her aunt since the passing of her father. Due to intellectual disability, she was unable to attend classes in a normal school. Her aunt sent her to a centre for the disabilities in Jitra to learn basic daily care for herself. After that, she was sent to another centre in Johor. Seven years ago, she was sent home because the centre needed a renovation.

Yang Seok has always been taken care by her aunt. However, her aunt is getting old, and she also had a minor stroke and experienced numbness in her hands and feet. Therefore, she approached One Hope Charity for help, hoping to send Yang Seok to a nursing home, so that she can have a safe place to live.

Yang Seok is quiet and gentle. She loves to practice her handwriting and she can do house chores. She is sensible and knows that her aunt is no longer able to take care of her. Therefore, on the day she was relocated to the nursing home, she moved in with a big smile. Her facial and body languages also expressed her willingness to move into the nursing home.

Although she is not good at words, but she nodded to all the reminders and advice given by her family members. After that, she held her luggage and followed the staff to her bed.

One Hope Charity is grateful to all the generous individuals for your regular donations. Your donations enable us to relocate Yang Seok to a nursing home so that she can receive better care.

Medical Assistance 2021 November