One-year-old boy Sanjeevan A/L Pertap Kumar from Kuala Lumpur suffered from severe illness before he had the opportunity to see the world. Fortunately, he managed to receive proper medical treatment. The boy underwent successful surgery to remove half of his right lung on 29 November. He needs a month of observations before discharging from the hospital. However, little Sanjeevan needs a breathing aid for two years after the surgery.

The boy has a chest tube to drain the pus and other fluids from the lungs. His mother, Shalini A/P Veeran, cares for him alone in the hospital. The mother is distraught and stressed seeing her son’s tiny little body struggling on the hospital bed.

However, she doesn’t want to distract her husband, who works as a lorry driver, so she can only bear the pain alone and cry quietly. She hopes her son can overcome this life challenge and grow up safely and healthily.

She admitted that seeing her son suffering from illness made her worry and unable to sleep peacefully, but a smile on her son’s face would make up her day. She suffered from emotional contrast almost every day, so she could only pray to God for mercy and bless her son with good health.

One Hope Charity has successfully raised the medical expenses of RM60,000 little Sanjeevan needed. Shalini is grateful for assistance from the public. Without the kind donations from all the well-wishers, her son would not be able to undergo surgery. The parents hope their son can recover and be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

One-year-old boy Sanjeevan was healthy and lively. Unexpectedly, he had a lung infection after a fever, cold and cough and once fell into a coma. He suffered and struggled to survive in the intensive care unit. After three months of hospitalisation, the doctor confirmed the boy needed surgery to remove half of his right lung. The boy also needed a breathing aid for two years after the surgery.