With mooncakes donated by benevolent people, ONE HOPE CHARITY team sent mooncakes and Mid-Autumn Festival greetings to more than 50 orphans and low-income families before the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The second batch of mooncakes distributed by ONE HOPE CHARITY was purchased by several benevolent people, and then handed over to ONE HOPE CHARITY for distribution to poor orphans and poor families.

The two-year COVID-19 epidemic has affected the economy of many families. Kind-hearted people hope to take advantage of the festive season to do what they can, so that this group of disadvantaged families can also feel the care of the society during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

ONE HOPE CHARITY is very grateful to the first and second batch of mooncake donations from the kind-hearted people, so that disadvantaged families can feel the warmth of the society and the festive atmosphere.