The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many underprivileged families to face huge financial challenges. Some families even face problems of putting food on the table of their family due to the rise in prices of almost everything. Therefore, eating mooncake while sipping tea to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival is a luxury desire for some families.

Generous individual Tew Sue Ean invited her friends and relatives to join a cause by donating mooncakes to the underprivileged. In just four days, she managed to gather over 30 kind-hearted individuals to donate thousands of ringgit, which they used to purchase 60 boxes of mooncakes. The mooncakes were handed over to One Hope Charity and later distributed to the poor and needy families that could not afford mooncakes.

After receiving the mooncakes, One Hope Charity “top-up” with the organisation’s 20th anniversary souvenir – a three-tier stainless steel thermal insulation tiffin carrier, as well as white rice and other dried food supply.

Volunteers of One Hope Charity were mobilised before the Mid-Autumn Festival to go around Seberang Perai and Penang Island to distribute the mooncakes and food supply to the underprivileged families. The gift was meaningful and brought joy to many families, and they kept expressing their gratitude to the volunteers. The volunteers spent three consecutive days to distribute the mooncakes. Although they were tired but their heart was filled with joy. The volunteers hope that the Mid-Autumn Festival will bring joy, peace and good health to the underprivileged.

We also wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Let us share our mooncakes and spread the happiness to the people around us!