Chang Ah Hwa, a single old man, has finally to be settled down.

Chang Ah Hwa, a 79-year-old man who has lived alone in the Butterworth’s wooden house area. He was fell at home in early September 2021. When he was found by his friends at late evening, he was surrounded by excrement and urine. In addition, he was hungry for the whole day. He was been sent to hospital for detailed checking.

After being discharged from the hospital, he needed someone to take care of him due to the limited mobility of movement. His friends and family funded nearly RM1,000 to settled him in a nursing home in October 2020, and then sought assistance from ONE HOPE CHARITY.

ONE HOPE CHARITY conducted a home visit, found that the old man was a casual construction worker when he was young. He was single and had no family. Therefore, his friends and cousin funded one month nursing home fee and sent him to the nursing home.  However, the friends were unable to afford the nursing home fee for long term. They seek assistance on behalf of the Chang Ah Hwa in order to provide a comfortable place to settle down him.

In addition, his cousin also highlighted that they hoped ONE HOPE CHARITY would able to help the funeral expenses of Chang Ah Hwa after this. After the review the case, ONE HOPE CHARITY decided to arrange Chang Ah Hwa to stay in nursing home. Hope him can enjoy his old age.

If there are any poor or needy who need food box/bag welcome to apply from us. Any assistance please contact our hotline 016-419 2192, 019-232 2192, 04-5399212.

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