The three sons of an elderly woman, who is in her 80s, passed away one after another. She experienced the grief of losing her sons, and at the same time, she has nowhere to rely on. One Hope Charity stepped in to relocate the elderly woman to a nursing home, with the hope that she can be well taken care of, so that she can enjoy her twilight years there.

86-year-old Tan Sai Tee fell and injured her right hip many years ago, which affected her mobility. She needs to move in a wheelchair. Earlier, she lived with her youngest son, but her daily meals and bathing were taken care of by her 69-year-old eldest daughter who works in a nursery.

Since the passing of the youngest son, her eldest daughter worried about the safety of her elderly mother staying at home alone. As the mother has difficulty in her mobility, the daughter sought help from One Hope Charity to relocate her mother to a nursing home.

After reviewing the case, One Hope Charity decided to relocate the elderly woman Tan Sai Tee to a nursing home, hoping that she can be worry free and enjoy her twilight years there.

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Medical Assistance 2022 January