A 53-year-old man, Shukor bin Abdullah, was diagnosed with a stroke due to sudden hemiplegia. He has undergone emergency surgery during the prime time. Now the patient is not only making good progress, but he can move his hands and feet, and can even swallow and recognize people, but his speech is slurred and requires time-consuming rehabilitation.

Shukor, from Kajang, Selangor, used to have a healthy schedule and never smoked. He even went to bed early and got up early. His sudden illness shocked his family, and his wife and children were even more anxious about medical bills.

Fortunately, the timely operation saved his life and made good progress. Now he has been referred to the government hospital for recuperation and physical therapy, and he is expected to return to his daily routine in time.

The required RM45,000 operation fee has been raised, and the patient's family is very grateful for the assistance from the public, so that their husband and father can be rescued at the prime time.

They also deeply felt that there is warmth everywhere in the world, because they did not expect to receive a helping hand from the Foundation and generous assistance at such a critical moment. They also promised to continue doing good deeds to help those in need in the future.