Sugantini A/P Ragu, 28, who has suffered from Crohn Disease for 12 years. She has the biggest wish to get rid of the disease and can live and work normally.

However, suffering from this disease is a life-long disease. She only hopes to relieve her pain. The RM30,000 medication fee that she needs has been raised completely. She will be admitted to the hospital next week for treatment, and she will need to do injection every month. The medication able to relieves her condition such as abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. Nonetheless, she will have an appetite to eat, which can help her gain weight.

ONE HOPE CHARITY used to help a RM14,000 for Sugantini’s medication fee last year. Because of the assistance was less than RM20,000 therefore no fundraising was initiated at that time. This year, the parents were unable to afford of any medication fee therefore they seek help from ONE HOPE CHARITY. The doctor was told that the medication had a positive result on Sugantini and she require to take medication for another year.

She once gave up on herself before this. Fortunately, she slowly accepted the facts with the comfort of family and friends and started to receive treatment. Now that they have received assistance from the public, the parents and patients are grateful and also hope that the health condition will be relieved.

Part 1:Fundraising