"Little Ping Ann has a strong vitality, and with everyone's support and encouragement, she will surely get through the difficulties and return to Malaysia safely and healthy."

Teh Ping Ann, an 18-month-old girl, demonstrated tenacity and vitality, inspiring her parents to persevere and not give up after thousands of hardships, and thanks to the generosity of public support, Ping Ann successfully completed the cerebral hemorrhage treatment and stem cell transplantation. She is currently undergoing treatment for complications caused by bacterial infections.

Everyone was moved by the situation of little Ping Ann. Within 3 days, the remaining RM290,000 was raised. Apart from their gratitude, the parents promised to do good deeds in the future to help others.

Ping Ann's elder brother died of a visceral hemorrhage at the age of 5 months, and the family can only accept the fact with great sadness. Ping Ann, on the other hand, couldn't avoid the hand of fate and was diagnosed with rare congenital thrombocytopenia, which could kill her at any time due to internal bleeding.

She had suffered a severe brain hemorrhage. The worst-case scenario, according to the doctor, was paralysis, blindness, and mental impairment. Fortunately, she was rescued just in time. Her left brain was damaged when she was 18 months old. The retina has detached, impairing vision. The right hand and right foot are weak and require physical therapy on a regular basis. The doctor acknowledged that her survivor is a miracle and a source of hope.

Little Ping Ann's story is unusual, but it is inspiring. Despite her difficult future, she is supported by her parents' love. The family hoped that the transplant will be successful and that the child will be able to live.

Fighting, Little Ping Ann!

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