She had a ruptured brain aneurysm and had gone through three surgeries to save her life. And now, the condition of the 65-year-old mother is stable and she’s able to undergo the cranial surgery. Unfortunately, her children have finished their savings and hoping that the public could donate RM25,000 for their mum’s surgery

“Thanks to everyone. My mom will be undergoing her surgery next week. Doctors advised that the surge to should be done faster to reduce the risk of infections.”

Tan Ah Nya’s children thanked the public for the assistance of RM68,000 in July for her surgery and RM25,000 again for her other surgery.

After 3 surgeries, her condition improved and she is still undergoing physiotherapy.

Doctors had scheduled her surgery on 7th September. Her children are very thankful towards to public for the helping hands

Part 1: Fundraising