“Thank you everyone. My wife and I will be strong in receiving our medical treatment. We still want to watch and accompany our two lovely children to grow up.”

A married couple was diagnosed with cancer one after another, and both are unable to work as they are still fighting against cancer. Not only must the couple worry about their medical fees, but also worry about the living and education expenses of their two children. One Hope Charity launched a fundraising for them on Sunday (19 December 2021) and many donors came forward to donate, as well as to send in their regards and blessings to cheer for the family. Everyone hopes that the couple from Tan family can actively receive treatment without any worries. And now, the funds needed by the Tan family have been successfully raised.

The Tan couple from Penang Island, both were diagnosed with cancer. The wife, Chao Wei Tze suffered from the cervical cancer two years ago, and then, her husband Tan Kuok Liang was diagnosed with tongue cancer. Now, 1/3 of Kuok Liang’s tongue is necrotic, while his wife’s cervical cancer had metastasized to her liver.

Both husband and wife need radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, and they are no longer able to work. Since Kuok Liang can no longer eat solid food, he can only rely on special formula milk powder to provide him with nutrition he needs. However, the special formula milk powder is expensive and when he can’t afford it, he will mix it with other cheaper milk powder.

What worries them more is the future of their two young children. Although their treatment fees are borne by the government now, but they are unable to work, and they are unable to support the living and education expenses of their two children.

The couple had no other choice but to seek help from One Hope Charity. After the fundraising was launched a few days ago, the donations came in swiftly, and the medical fees, as well as the living expenses of their children have been successfully raised.

The Tan family is very grateful for the donations from the general public. They can now receive their treatment with peace of mind. They also promised to actively fight cancer, so that they can bring up their children.

Part 1:Fundraising