“Thank you everyone, and thank you to my dad!”

The story of a great father who is willing to donate one of his kidneys to save his son touches many people. The RM120,000 they urgently needed has been successfully raised. The family is very grateful for the donations from the public as it really helps them to overcome the challenging situation.

30-year-old Teh Chun Yen suffered from kidney disease since he was 21 years old. He has been taking medication and undergoing dialysis since then. The doctor recommended him to undergo kidney transplant but the plan was delayed due to financial constraint. He was once desperate but fortunately, with the consistent support and encouragement from his family members, he decided to stay strong to fight against the disease.

His 57-year-old father went for some tests and it was confirmed that his kidney is suitable for his son. However, the family was worried about the RM120,000 kidney transplant fee which they could not afford.

Chun Yen is not good at expressing his love and gratitude to his father, but he still wants to say thank you to his father!

He jokingly said:"It is impossible if you want to see me crying like how you see in the movie. But deep in my heart, I am actually very touched. Although I am very close with my family but I have never said this (words of gratitude) to my dad before."

One Hope Charity and the Teh family would like to thank all generous donors as your kind deeds enable Chun Yen to undergo the kidney transplant surgery.

Part 1:Fundraising