“Thank you daddy for giving me a second life. I have nothing to give back to you this Father’s Day but I promise you that I will try my best to live and accompany you until you are old.”

Teh Chun Yen who suffered from kidney disease, had to undergo long-term dialysis at a young age. Fortunately, his father was willing to donate a kidney. The transplant surgeries for the father and son went smoothly, and they have already discharged from the hospital. They are currently recuperating at home.

Chun Yen suffered from kidney disease since he was 21 years old and he had been going through dialysis at home for six years. He was weak and he had no appetite to eat. However, he recovers well after the surgery and he looks healthier now.

Chun Yen and his father had completed the surgeries, discharged and recovered. And the father and son went to One Hope Charity’s office in central region to express their gratitude towards everyone who offered help. Discussing about the difference between before and after the surgery, his father Teh Foo Heng said with tears in his eyes that Chun Yen is completely different now. Before the kidney transplant, he had dialysis every four hours and he took a palmful of medicines every day; and now, he is healthier and energetic, and he is slowly returning to his normal life.

His mother Khoo Yeok Lan said that she is very grateful to see her son recovering little by little. When she recalled the days of dialysis before this, she felt very heartbroken. She felt bad for her son who needed to go through all those challenges at a young age. She can’t imagine what if her son needed to undergo dialysis for the rest of his life, but thankfully everything has passed.

Talking about his recovery after the surgery, Chun Yen said that his body is slowly recovering and he has become stronger, but his legs are still weak. He needs to return to the hospital for regular examinations, and he also needs to take anti-rejection medicine for at least six months.

As for his condition after donating a kidney to his son, father Foo Hin said that he did not feel any discomfort, but only felt that his father and son relationship with Chun Yen has become stronger now.

After the kidney transplant, Chun Yen no longer needed kidney dialysis. He will make good use of this recuperation period to plan for his future.

“I am the eldest son in the family. When I was ill, my parents took care of me tirelessly. My dad even donated one of his kidneys to me. After this, I will work hard to earn more money. It’s time for me to take care and honour my parents.”

At this time, Chun Yen’s parents both said in unison that no matter how hard the life was, it has already over. They were deeply comforted when they knew that Chun Yen did not need to undergo dialysis anymore.  They also thanked the public for their generosity so that their son could have a healthy body and life again. This is the best Parent’s Day gift given to them by the public.