16-year-old Hiromi began her freshman year of high school this year. She was terrified of losing her mother but even more so of being alone and helpless. After meeting with the chairman of ONE HOPE CHARITY, Dato' Chua, the chairman also assured her that she was not alone and that ONE HOPE CHARITY will be there for her.

ONE HOPE CHARITY will not only help Teh Gaik Choo with his medical expenses but will also take care of his daughter's needs. If she requires additional assistance in the future, ONE HOPE CHARITY is obligated to provide it. This will not only put Gaik Choo at ease but also allow her to fight cancer more actively.

Gaik Choo used to volunteer at an orphanage. When she became ill, she was concerned that her only daughter would be neglected and asked the orphanage director to assist her in caring for her. The orphanage director died unexpectedly, leaving the only daughter helpless. Aside from her illness, she is concerned about her child's future.

His greatest wish is for Hiromi to complete her studies and be able to work and support herself. And if she still has the energy, she wants to continue volunteering and helping orphans.

Gaik Choo can be described as a caring mother. She previously volunteered at an orphanage and cared for two mentally handicapped children, but due to illness, she could only care for one mentally handicapped child.

Gaik Choo is now looking good and must continue to take targeted medication to control cancer cells. The mother and daughter are not only grateful for the public's generosity in raising the RM120,000 required for her medical expenses but also promise to live happily ever after.