The needed amount for medical treatment had been raised completely. Baby Teh Ping Ann has arrived Singapore at yesterday 28th December to start the journey of treatment. Let's pray for her.

A fundraising was launched on the Christmas Eve to raise huge sum of medical expenses for nine-month-old Teh Ping Ann. The public were sympathetic towards the condition of the adorable baby girl, hence, the RM700,000 medical fees she needed has been successfully raised. The parents are very grateful for the donations and blessings from all the well-wishers.

After the family went through all the hardships and difficulties, baby Ping Ann, who suffers from rare genetic disease, has been arranged by the hospital in Singapore to meet with the doctor, as well as to undergo a series of tests and treatments on January 5 next year. They have been approved by the Singapore government to enter the country on December 28. After the completion of their quarantine period, the baby girl can go for the treatment immediately.

The baby girl’s father Teh Ghee Lim said that with the help of the doctors from Penang Hospital and University of Malaya Medical Centre, they had been communicating with the National University Hospital in Singapore through emails, video conferences, and other methods for several months. And now, they finally received a confirmed treatment date from the hospital in Singapore.

He said that although they need to stay in Singapore for six months, but fortunately, his company’s management allowed him to apply for working from home, so that he can donate bone marrow to his daughter and accompany her the treatment while keeping his job.

“After we enter into Singapore and completed our quarantine, my daughter and I will need to undergo a detailed examination, and then proceed with the bone marrow transplantation. After the surgery, we need to undergo regular follow-up and observation. It is expected that we can only return to Malaysia after half a year.”

The RM700,000 needed by baby Ping Ann has been successfully raised. The parents are very grateful for the help of the public for giving their daughter a chance to get medical treatment, as well as a chance for her to survive. The father promised that they will continue to help more people in need in the future.

Part 1: Fundraising

Part 2: Reached Singapore