"We are extremely grateful for the help that everyone has extended to us. We hope that after the treatment, my father's condition will improve, and we also hope to be able to resume our business. When the time comes, and we are able, we will actively give back to society and help those in need."

Witnessing the successful fundraising of RM79,000 for the medical expenses required by his father,  Teh Boon Chong is deeply relieved and appreciative of the kind-hearted individuals from all walks of life who were willing to lend a helping hand. Their support has allowed his father to receive timely treatment and alleviate the suffering caused by his illness.

The necessary examinations, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy for Teh Soo Keong have now been scheduled. One Hope Charity expresses gratitude to all the generous people who have extended their assistance, making the father and son feel the warmth of society. They will closely monitor Teh Soo Keong's treatment progress and provide the necessary support for both of them, with the hope that they can recover their health and daily lives soon.