The brothers from Bukit Teh in Machang Bubuk, Bukit Mertajam – 76-year-old Teo Jin Hock (also known as Hock Pek) and 69-year-old Tio Jin Hee (also known as B Cek) care about each other very much. Although they seemed indifferent, they always had each other in their mind. After living apart for several months, they were a little shy when seeing each other.

Jin Hock has been relocating to the nursing home since the middle of this year. At that time, he could not walk, but he always missed his younger brother and often asked if he could return home. However, after moving in for some time, he began to accept that no one could take care of him when he returned home, and he gradually adapted to his new life in the nursing home.

As for Jin Hee, he started to pack in October and sold off his only asset – the motorcycle before bidding goodbye to his ancestral home. May it be his wish to guard his home, but he had to face reality and accepted One Hope Charity’s arrangement to move to the same nursing home as his elder brother.

When the brothers reunited in the nursing home, they knew their sibling was beside them even though they could not see well due to vision problems. Although they were shy, they could not hide their joy. The duo seemed very happy.

The fundraising of RM72,000 to cover the brother’s nursing home expenses has been completed. Although the amount is only enough for two years, One Hope Charity promises to continue taking care of the elderly brothers until their dismissal.

We honour the hard work and dedication of the two brothers for society in their young years. Even though they are old now, we hope they can feel the warmth of the community. We also thank the public for your donations so the elderly brothers can enjoy their twilight years in the nursing home.