The parents can't wait for the arrival of their twins. Unexpectedly, they were born prematurely. Now one child has been discharged, and the other child still needs oxygen assistance. The parents are worried about the child's condition.

The mother and the younger sister, Mhea have been discharged from the hospital, only leaving the elder sister Thea is currently hospitalized in the ICU. The RM80,000 medical fee has already been raised enough, so the fundraising event will be stopped immediately.

The premature twins were forced to have a cesarean section at just 24 weeks old. Thea weighed 800 grams when she was born, while her younger sister Mhea was only 600 grams. After 7 months, the twins who have corrected their age are now 3 months old and weigh more than 4 kg, we hope that little Thea will be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.

The parents are very grateful to the generous public for helping them pass thru the difficult moment. However, premature twins still need regular follow-up visits and inspections for the development of various organs. Let's continue to pray for the little twins.

Part 1:Fundraising