The premature twin sister Thea Chen suffered from congenital heart disease. When drinking milk, she would spit up milk and cause symptoms such as hypoxia and asthma, and the child would have problems such as shortness of breath, hypoxia and cyanosis when crying. Therefore, when the child was discharged from the hospital, Mothers need to go to the hospital to learn how to take care of their children, including breastfeeding, how to use oxygen aids, and emergency first aid knowledge in case of emergency.

Sister Thea Chen, who has been in hospital for 8 months, still lacks RM40,000 in medical expenses and has already raised enough. Her parents are very grateful to the community for their assistance to help them get through this difficult time.

The twin sisters have now been discharged from the hospital and returned home. Although the elder sister Thea Chen needs breastfeeding and occasional breathing aids, and the younger sister Mhea Chen occasionally needs breathing aids, the parents rented the breathing aids from the hospital for the two sisters to use at home.

We hope that this lovely pair of sisters will grow up healthily and safely, we also give parents strong perseverance to take care of and accompany their children to grow up.

PART 3: Second Fundraising