Due to the worsening of the wound, Ting Sheng Yong has begun to receive treatment, and the treatment fee of RM30,000 he needs has been completely raised. Thanks to the public for donations and alleviate his burden of living.

Ting Sheng Yong suffers from kidney disease also diagnosed with a rare vascular disease – the Calciphylaxis. Now, he required to undergo dialysis as well as Therapeutic Apheresis (TA) treatment. He promised that in any case, he will be strong against the illness.

Due to blockage of Sheng Yong’s blood vessels, he needs to undergo a Therapeutic Apheresis (TA). The technology is mainly to selectively removes abnormal cells or substances in the blood that are associated with or causative of certain disease states (similar to dialysis), but the treatment is expensive.

The benevolent people were motivated by his determination to fight against the disease. Many generous people donated money and wished him a speedy recovery. Ting Sheng Yong was also touched that the fundraising campaign was raised in a short period of time. He promised to continuously fight the disease.

Part 1:Fundraising