The kind-hearted hawker, Toh Gaik Ling, who short of surgery fee RM47,000 has already raised completely. Toh Gaik Ling and her family are very grateful to everyone for their donations and promised that they will continue to cook for the unfortunate group of people to fulfill their hunger as a return to the society.

Three years ago, she experienced chest pain and diaphoresis. Recently she found that the condition is getting serious. After an examination revealed that three of her heart vessels were 80%, 70% and 60% blocked. At that time, the doctor recommended the operation as soon as possible, otherwise it would be life-threatening at any time.

Madam Toh and her husband were hawkers selling Char Hor Fun. They had stop business due to affected by the pandemic and health condition. During her spare time, she will help in the Buddhist temple to cook and outgiving to the homeless people and poor families to fulfill their hunger. Therefore, everyone named her as 'kind-hearted hawker'.

The big amount of surgery fee is beyond the ability of her family. Fortunately, she has received donations from the general public. The surgery will be performed in the near future. Thanks to the public for their donations and blessings.

Part 1:Fundraising