“Thank you very much for helping our son regardless of race. We are very touched and grateful as everyone tried so hard to help us in saving his life.”

Baby boy Yahkkesh A/L Elangovan from Perak managed to receive emergency treatment. The tubes that were inserted into his body have been gradually removed, and his condition has turned stable. The RM38,000 in medical expenses have also been successfully raised. Thank you for the public donations which enabled the baby to receive timely treatment that saves his life.

New Year baby Yahkkesh suffered from transient tachypnea of newborn (TTN) and pneumonia. His condition was critical and urgently needed a DuoPap machine to survive, but the government hospital did not have any extra equipment. Seeing that the only option was to receive treatment in a specialist hospital, the parents pleaded the doctor to save their son, and they were once even wanted to give up treatment due to financial constraints.

And now, the baby needs to be treated in the incubator of the intensive care unit for about two weeks. We hope that the baby will get out of danger as soon as possible, and be able to recover and discharge, so that he can reunite with his family.

Part 1:Fundraising