"Recalling the days of dialysis, it was really hard. No matter how unwilling I was, I still had to go through it! And because I didn't have enough blood, I would pant and tired when I walked. Now, I am very happy and I don’t need to suffer from shortness of breath. I also don’t need to go for dialysis three days a week."

Yap Yoke Kuen, who successfully completed the kidney transplant surgery at the end of December last year, and her husband Leong Hoi Kwang, who donated a kidney, brought their two children to One Hope Charity’s Central office to visit its chairman Dato’ Chua Sui Hau to express their gratitude.

Yoke Kuen shared her life and experience after the surgery, and recalled her life before the surgery. She once had to go to the dialysis center 3 days a week, which made her feel physically and mentally exhausted. Now that she is able to bid farewell to such days, she feels really happy, and hopes that she can give back to the society in the future when she has the ability to do so.

She also mentioned that a friend recently asked her about the details of the transplant surgery. She said that she would use herself as an example to encourage friends or others who are facing kidney problems to consider improving their health through transplant surgery. She and her husband, Hoi Kwang, are currently in stable physical condition and have regular follow-up visits to the hospital.

43-year-old woman Yoke Kuen, from Rawang, Selangor, is a SLE patient. She has been maintaining her condition by taking medicine for 25 years, but the condition caused her kidneys to fail day by day. She was diagnosed with stage III kidney failure and needed dialysis. Hoi Kwong couldn't bear the pain of his wife suffering from dialysis, so he resolutely donated one of his kidneys to his wife.

Considering the cost and various factors, she was hesitant about the surgery. After the doctor's explanation and the couple's psychological preparation, they decided to accept the doctor's advice and completed a series of tests to confirm that the husband's kidney was suitable for donation. In order to donate healthy organs to his wife, Hoi Kwang actively lost weight and quit smoking, showing his unwavering love for his wife through actions.

Since the couple could not pay for the surgery fee, they received assistance from the general public through One Hope Charity in October last year and successfully raised RM90,000. Yoke Kuen, who had been waiting for more than a year for a kidney transplant, finally successfully completed the surgery on 20 December 2022, where his husband donated a kidney to her.

With the prayers and blessing from the well wishers, the couple successfully completed the kidney transplant surgery. After this, they will also try to help those in need within their ability.