On August 23, Yeap Yun Xuan, a 7-year-old girl who is deaf in both ears, underwent cochlear implant surgery. On September 22, the processor was officially unveiled. After 7 years of complete silence, Yun Xuan can finally hear sound.

Even though she had post-operative wound discomfort, she overcame each setback and will now also go through a series of speech therapy sessions.

A kind donor purchased a set of audiobooks and mailed them to ONE HOPE CHARITY, where they were handed over to Yun Xuan. The audiobooks were not only an encouragement to her, but also provided her with the opportunity to learn pronunciation and phonetics.

When our team visited Yun Xuan in the hospital, they also gave her an audiobook and colored pencils. Although she was in pain and frowning after the surgery, listening to the audiobook brought her some relief.

Thank you for your help in restoring the little girl's hearing. She still has a long way to go. We hope she can gradually adjust to her voice and learn to speak and function normally. We also wish her a safe and happy life as she grows up.