65-year-old Yong Lian Fong from Kuala Lumpur was once depressed and wanted to give up treatment in order not to increase the financial burden on her children. However, she has an unfulfilled wish, which is to see her children get married and have their own children, so she decided to stay positive and seek help actively. And now, the RM90,000 in medical expenses she needed has been successfully raised. The successful fundraising has boosted her confident and she is now optimistic in facing the treatment. She also feels that she has hope in life.

Lian Fong’s husband suffered from a terminal brain tumour, which has caused him to be blind and deaf. And now, she hopes that she is able to accompany her husband through the last journey of his life. She will be satisfied if she has the chance to see her children getting married and have their own children after she completed her treatment.

Lian Fong will start a 26-course treatment, and the medication can last for half a year, hoping that the cancer cells can be put under control after that. She is grateful for the help from the public, and her children are also grateful as the well-wishers gave their mother a chance to receive treatment.

Lian Fong complained about the unbearable backpain three years ago. She went to the doctor but could not find the cause. She was finally diagnosed with multiple myeloma after a blood test. She had undergone spine treatment and chemotherapy. However, the side effects had lowered her blood platelets so she would start bleeding uncontrollably if she injured herself, and she needed to be observed weekly.

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