With the help of the kind-hearted public, has freed the girl from heart disease.

Zahra Binti Muhammad Saifullah who was born with congenital heart disease needed to wear a mask to continue her life after she was born. She could only live with a mask and medication to survive.

The distressed and helpless parents seeking help from one Hope Charity. They were very worried about their children's situation and hopes that the public could help their children.

A fundraising event was launched for little Zahra, at the same time a heart surgery was arranged for her immediately. The surgery underwent on April 15 and the operation was very successful. After that, she was transferred to a government hospital for observation. On May 26, her condition was good, and allowed to discharge, which was also the first time she went home after her born.

Now she is 8 months old, her parents bring her to our service building to give a thank you card to thank the team and all the kind-hearted people for helping them when they were helpless.

PART 2 : Fundraising Completed