Cancer warrior Tan Kem Kheng, baby with heart disease Nur Delisha and Chong Wei Jie came to One Hope Charity Service Centre to make donations and share the joy of their recovery journey with the public.

52-year-old Kem Kheng suffered from breast cancer and sought help from One Hope Charity. She has recovered and was discharged from the hospital after completing the treatment, and now, she is recuperating. She also needs regular follow-up visits, control her diets and making sure she has healthy living lifestyle. Recently, she came personally to the Service Centre to thank the assistance from the society. She was accompanied by her husband and children.


After the surgery, the parents of one-year-old baby Nur Delisha Maisarah, who suffered from heart disease, specially ordered a flower basket, and made a thank you card and sent them to One Hope Charity Service Centre. At the same time, they also donated to help the other patients.


As for one-year-old’s Chong Wei Jie, he has recovered and was allowed to discharge from the hospital after surgery. He has now returned and lived with his parents in Ipoh. They took the opportunity of him attending follow-up visit at the hospital to visit One Hope Charity Service Centre. They showed their gratitude by donating back to One Hope Charity, and at the same time, they also shared their current situation with the public.


The three families made their donations to show their gratitude and as a token of appreciation to the public who helped them when they were in need. And now, they hope that their donations can help others.

It is gratifying to see them doing well in their journeys of recovery. It is inspiring and brings a lot of hope to society.