The baby boy’s condition is critical, so the fundraising and surgery are carried out at the same time. Now the surgery went smoothly, and the required medical expenses of RM90,000 were also successfully raised. The Air Force and his wife are very grateful for everyone’s donations and blessings.

On March 17, the baby boy, Muhammad Aidan Ali bin Muhammad Harith, underwent surgery, which went well. He is now being monitored in the intensive care unit in the hopes of recovering and being discharged once the critical period has passed.

Father Muhammad Harith Bin Rosli, who is an air force, and mother Wan Aisyah Binti Mior Mohd Tahir are very grateful for everyone's help. People of all ethnic groups guard their children together, and they are very touched.

"The doctor once told us that without the operation, the child would only have one year to live. His condition is that surgery is urgently needed to continue his life."

Now that the child has successfully completed the operation and is progressing well, the parents can only hope that the child will grow up healthy and strong.